Thursday, October 30, 2008

Philadelphia trip in 2 weeks!

We are going back to Philly to see Andrew's doctor. We are very nervous about this appointment because Andrew's PT here thinks he may be starting to decline. His hamstrings are tightening up and his calf's are enlarging. This raises a lot of questions for us. Hopefully we will get some answers.

One good thing about our trip in that Grandma is coming and has bought all of us tickets to go to Radio City Music Hall to see the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular! Tony's sister and her 5 kids are also coming! It will be a nice diversion for us! And the kids are super excited to go into New York City!

Harvest Festival Part 2

There were lots of character there too! Also, this was Andrew's first time in a bouncy house. He wasn't sure what to think and decided he was "scared" and wanted out!

Harvest Festival Part 1

We had a wonderful time at the school Harvest Festival! Even though it was windy and cold we enjoyed all the games!

Fun in the leaves!

How many of you remember doing this! Those were such fun times! I always remind my kids to enjoy being a kid!!!


Tony's grandmother passed away at the end of September. This has been a very hard thing for our family. She was just such a kind, gentle women and really always brought the family together. We will miss her always.

We love our cousins!

Look at all the kids! All of the cousin's on Tony's side watching Julia play soccer! It was a cold, wet day but they all made the best of it!

End of Soccer!!

Here are the girls with there Trophy's!

My soccer girls!

This year, both the girls played soccer! They really love it! But when the weather turned cold, I didn't like it so much!! Here are some pictures of the girls playing soccer.