Friday, January 23, 2009

Update on Andrew.....

For those of you following Andrew I wanted to try and give you an update as to what is going on here. First off, I received an email from Dr.F. (Philly Dr) and he was in contact with Dr.B. (VT Dr.) about getting the muscle that Andrew had biopsied when he was first diagnosed. We thought that was already done after our first trip but apparently Dr.B didn't do it so Dr.F. got a hold of him on his own and requested it. They want to look at this to make sure that they don't see any other conditions with the muscle that could also be contributing to his weakness. Second, is that when we go back down to Philly in March, they will do a gene slide to look at Andrew's entire DNA. This will look at ALL genetic flaws and if there IS something else genetically going on, they will find it with this test. We did have his autism screening done and they found him to not be on the spectrum based on his ability to be extremely social. What came out of that appointment is that the school and us have reported that Andrew stares off once in awhile. They want to make sure Andrew is not having seizures when this is happening so we have to go for an EEG on Feb. 3rd. We also have to go for a sleep study on Jan. 29th. So that's the update as for now. Things are always changing so I will do my best to keep you all informed!

Happy New Years!

We decided not to travel this year for New Years and stay home. It was very nice but still managed to be busy! We went to Beth and Brians on New Years Eve! We had a blast!

I can't believe she is 8

Hannah turned 8 on Dec. 27th. She has been counting down the years till she turned 8 so she could come to BINGO with me! After dinner we went to BINGO. She loved it!

Dream Job?!?

Beth, my sister-in-law and I LOVE to bake. We always get together and bake a ton of cookies during the holidays. We both LOVE making cakes for our kids birthdays! Not just a cake in a pan and frosted but actually a shaped cakes, fun cakes that the kids will remember! This year Beth found this GREAT cake store in Plattsburgh. We went alittle nuts in there and bought this pan that was, can I say, a little to much! We also bought some fondant that we wanted to experiment with. What fun that was. Jenny had posted about a dream joy, this would be mine. I would love working with Beth side by side doing this stuff. We bounce idea's off each other and have such a good time doing this!


We decided for Tony's mom this year we were going to get all the grandkids together and take their pictures! That was a funny night! Enjoy!

Christmas! Better late then never!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! Everyone was healthy and in good spirits! Andrew actually walked out of his bedroom and into the living room this year! It was a very touching moment and a overwhelming feeling of accomplishment! Here are some pictures!