Friday, September 12, 2008

MDA Telethon

Just in case you missed our TV moment, here is the video they aired during the telethon! Just copy and paste the link below

Andrew's 1st day of preschool!

I knew all summer that this way was coming. I have tried to prepare myself but it was still a very hard day for me, but not Andrew! We got him up and gave him his medicine. We drive him to school in the morning and he takes the little bus home with the other preschoolers. He goes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thurdays from 7:30-10:45ish. The first day was so easy for him. He went right in and got settled with this aid, who we love! When the bus came around the corner, you could see him smiling and biting his fists (he does this when he gets excited) I got he out of his carseat and he just cuddled up to me! He said "missed mommy"! Everyday since, he does the same thing and says "miss mommy". The last few days he has actually cried when we dropped him off. He recovers quickly but he always makes sure he tells us!

The girls first day at school!

I cannot believe that I have a 2nd grader and a kindergartner! The girls are both going full days now. Its so hard to believe! They had a good first day! It was alittle complicated! Hannah opened her lunch up at snack time and ate her snack and noticed there was no brownie in her lunch. So she thought that for some reason, maybe I put in a brownie in Julia's lunch. She told her teacher so got the wrong lunch and she needed to go swap with her sisters lunch, so she did. The problem was Julia hadn't eaten her snack yet. So when she got Hannah's lunch, she chose something for snack which left her with not much for lunch including no drink! Then some little girl pushed Julia and took a play phone away from her so the little girl and Julia had to talk to the guidance counselor. To top off the day, when the bus arrived in the afternoon, Julia's backpack got stuck so the bus driver (he is new) closed the doors and started to pull away. We waved at the bus driver and he stopped and you could hear Julia screaming. She got of the bus sobbing. She thought he was going to leave! Since then, things have gotten alot better. The girls have started soccer and dance! They are enjoying our busy days!

Update from our Summer!

We had a great Summer. As always, it went by too quickly. One day we decided to take a hike up to the Ethan Allen Tower with the kids. They have always wanted to do this so they were very excited to acutally get to the top! Here are some pictures!