Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Update on Andrew...

About two weeks ago we started Andrew on the steroid Deflazacort. This steriod is not FDA approved but is available everywhere else (pretty much) except the US. Our Dr. sent the perscription up to Canada and they order is from Europe. We have to bring him to the dr. every 2 weeks for weight gain, gluscose in his urine and blood pressure. The steroid he is on is to known to show less side effects in boys with DMD. If you would like to read more, here is a link. http://www.parentprojectmd.org/site/DocServer/filename?docID=124
We will be traveling back down to Philadelphia in November for a follow up!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Santa's Village!

We took a day to go to Santa's Village! We didn't get to go last year and the year before we went to Story Land. Both are fun but we like Santa's Village better! My cousins Emily and Adam came and Emily's boyfriend!

Camping pictures!

We love camping but this year was alittle different! It rained EVERYDAY!!! YUK!!! We still had a good time and jumped in the sun when we saw it for more than 5 minutes. We also loved it that this year Grandma, Gram and Barb got to come up and see how we live for a week! Even though they got lost finding us, they seemed to enjoy it! We cooked some hot dogs before they headed home! The kids still are talking about it!!!

Camping for 10 or make that 9 days!

So I was running around the day before we were supposed to be going camping and I was at the eye doctor with Andrew. My phone rings and it's Tony. I answered it and told him I would call him back after they put drops in Andrews eyes. So I called him back and to my shock he says we can't leave tomorrow, he has pneumonia?!?!? I was so confused because he wasn't even sick. I guess he woke up with some pain in his chest the night before and couldn't get back to sleep. He decided he better go get it checked out before we head out camping in the northeast kingdom for 10 days. He was just as shocked as I was. So after I got home from running around, I came upstairs and Tony looked awful. As the evening went on, I knew he has hurting. I decided I was going to call his DR. around 8ish and see what he thought. I did and the doctor said to go to the ER. So we spent the night in the ER. The ER thought maybe he was misdiagnosed and thought he had a blood clot in his lung. THANK GOD that DR. was wrong. They gave him some pain meds and we were able to leave on Thursday afternoon. He is much better now but boy did he give me a scare. I love Tony with all me heart and I don't know what I would do without him. He is the love of my life!

Hampton Beach!

The first day we got to Hampton our whole family was there except for Jon, Holly and Cadence. It was a great day and the water was very warm, as far as the ocean goes!!! We enjoyed our days there. We went to Chucky Cheese one night and golfing one day!! Here are some pictures!

4th of July!

We went down to the waterfront to watch the fireworks! It was alot of fun! We had a great spot and enjoyed the people watching!!

Hot Day!

After the Stride and Ride we came home and the kids enjoyed a nice cool down in a new sprinkler that Andrew received! Also, here our pictures of our new play set! We still are not finished completely but the big stuff is done!

It's been awhile!!!!

Sorry I haven't posted all Summer. It has just been really busy. In the beginning of June, we had the MDA Stride and Ride. This year our team brought in about $7000!!!! It was a much bigger and better event than the past few years we have attended. My hats off to all who planned!!! Here are some pictures! Also, Thank You to our entire team for doing a GREAT job with fundraising!!! We couldn't have done it without you all!!!