Sunday, February 10, 2008

Random thought in my head

I will be the first to admit that I never really noticed if a business was handicap accessible or not. But now I notice all the time. I have to. I have to think about these things everyday. This is what my future holds. I am not complaining about it, don't get me wrong, but my life has changed. I look at things in a different light than some people do. Today, I stared out my door looking at the sun shine through me. I felt the warmth and I smiled. I enjoy the little things in life now. Things I used to take for granted. Just remember, there are other people out there with a much harder life than you. I went to dinner with my aunt the other night. We had a great time! But when we first got there she sat down and handed me a check. Now I told her she didn't have to pay me to got to dinner with her!!!! But she said there was a story behind it. She told me she has a client who got layed off his job awhile back and has yet to find a job. He was down, didn't have alot of money and was just overall feeling like his life couldnt get any worse. My aunt told him she knew how he felt but to remember there is always someone worse off than you. She continued to tell him about our family and the struggle that we are going through. My aunt had a picture of Andrew and showed him and he was amazed how young and innocent he was and the challenges that he was going to have to face. He asked my aunt if he could cut his picture out and keep it so everytime he was feeling down, he could look at Andrew and think, wow, I really don't have it that bad. My aunt gave it to him and when she did, he took out his wallet and gave my aunt some money. He said to give it to us and get something we may need. Our story gave him inspiration and he was thankful to us for that. My aunt was so touched she doubled his gift and gave it to us. I want to teach my children the power of giving. Its an amazing gift.